The Trestle Table Layout...

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Some venues really lend themselves to the trestle table layout. One of our favourite venues, The Outbarn at Bashall is definitely one of these. It's a blank canvas with neutral walls and stone flag floors, tremendous views of Pendle Hill and in the summer, a meadow to die for. The tall glass windows really bring the outside in. However other similar venues would feel equally at home with a sprig or two..

sprig | noun

1. a small stem bearing leaves or flowers, taken from a plant

'a sprig of holly'

2. trestle tables with 'sprigs' of other trestle tables leading from them at right angles - see photos below!!

The table decoration opportunities for a trestle are pretty endless, but these are some of our favourites..

Our cute wooden mini crates filled with blooms with wooden candlesticks and brightly coloured candles. Add some fabulous crockery & glass wear from Pot Kettle White (see our thanks to page for links).. winning combo!

Stone candlesticks, cut glass candlesticks, snowdrops in stone urns, with cut glass vases filled with paperwhites and hellebores. Mmmmm.. The scent..

Our High iron table stands filled with blooms and foliage created a real WOW.. with a run of our favourite '10 green bottles' underneath, they looked fabulous with grey candles (shame one was crooked!!) Glass wear and crockery Pot Kettle White (see thank you page for link)

Coloured glass vases filled with tulips, clematis and anemones, wooden candles sticks with grey candles..

Logs with muscari and moss.. simple, natural and beautiful!