Laura & Craig..Small is Beautiful

Updated: Jan 11, 2021





The Mood

So this wedding was due to be an all singing, all dancing church wedding with a full on party for seconds.. then came Covid 19.

We did a bit of rearranging and Laura & Craig decided to have an intimate wedding surrounded by their family and very close friends (and a mega party next year at The Out barn!!)

Usually when we drop the wedding flowers off, it can be very busy, lots of people, hairdressers, make up artists.. this one was different, just the Bridesmaids, Bride & Mum. The atmosphere was perfect. Calm. So happy! We both commented how lovely it was.

The Blooms

Well we LOVED this one! Roses from both the cutting gardens which smelled soooo delicious, buttermilk and cream. Scent also came from the sweet peas and jasmine. Our phlox in neutral tones mixed with achillea and tonnes of ammi rounded it off. I'm sure you can tell that this was a garden bouquet - very special. The buttonholes and corsages were full of garden herbs so the overall memory is scent, scent, scent!!

Bridal Party Photos: Project Valentine