Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We can turn our hands to anything floral or flowery, here's a few ideas to make your special occasion pop!

Table Stands

Our iron stands, custom made by Trapp Forge, look great in the centre of a table and have the added bonus of allowing every member of the table to see each other! They also add fabulous height to a room. They can be both industrial in look or elegant depending on the flowers used.

They also make great pedestal stands, imposing if positioned at the entrance to a church or venue with an urn or vase of flowers on top.

Bloom & Green 'Growing Hedges'

Growing hedges' have become a bit of a Bloom & Green signature look! They are foliage heavy positioned on logs sourced from Jo's Dad's farm, they are designed to look as though they are growing naturally and suit garden flowers with plenty of movement and scent. They also look great at the entrance to a church and their added advantage is that they can be moved quite easily around your venue or from church to reception as long as you're feeling strong!

Show Stopper Vases

These literally look like they float above the tables and your guests can see straight through them to the other side of the table! They add a great Wow factor. You can fill them with huge amounts of flowers or simple foliage depending on your budget, and add fairy lights for a sparkly evening reception. We have lots of different shapes.

The Beswick Vase Collection!

Before we met, both Jo and I had started a collection of Beswick vases. They are so elegant filled with blousey roses and flowing greenery. When we formed Bloom & Green we joined our collection together and it is ever expanding! One of our favorites - great for a ceremony table or in an entrance and its very easily moved, we like multi tasking flowers!

Cut Glass

A wedding classic. Our collection is vintage and none of it matches! It consists of all different sizes of vases from large to tiny and candle sticks of all heights. We tend to mix it up.


Hand forged for us by Trapp Forge in Read. They can be simply decorated with greenery or more elaborately with flowers. They can be hung on walls, from ceilings, can be used to create hoop chandeliers, or over a ceremony table.

Hanging branches

Simple and really effective over a ceremony table or top table or both. Can be simply green or covered in flowers!

You can't beat a good urn..

On a pedestal, barrel or bar our collection of urns come in all shapes and materials, from rusty iron to smart nickel plated, always add a Wow factor.