Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Everyone loves a good arch. Ours was made for us by Trapp Forge in Read, and it's made of burnished iron. We like it to look like its in a lovely English garden .. with no rain!

This one is full of summer flowers, roses, stocks, delphiniums, larkspur, ammi, mint and lemon balm plus lots more. The climbing rose is from the garden.

We love them to smell amazing so that when the bride and groom walk through it or get married under it, the scent blows them away, so we use loads of home grown seasonal flowers and herbs, they're

This one has our trade mark 'growing hedgerow' at the bottom with delphiniums, stocks, cow parsley, rose, clematis, nigella, solomons seal, mint and lemon balm. gorgeous!!

We can add whatever flowers you like.. they can be smothered in blooms from top to bottom or we can simply use foliage depending on your budget.

This one was a Spring version. Stuffed full of every Spring flower you can think of.. narcissi, tulips, iris, tuberose, anemones, ranunculus, blossom and forsythia from the garden. It smelt delicious!!

The log collection, including our hollowed out logs filled with bulbs at the bottom, adds to the woodland theme bringing the outdoors in!